Food & Culture project in collaboration with Rooftop Rannaghar

A wise man once said, cuisine is the greatest form of all art forms, as it satisfies three of our senses – vision, smell and taste. And who doesn’t know, cuisine is one of the most important threads of cultural exchange. A country, a community can be perfectly identified through their culinary characteristics. The ‘Food & Culture’ project of Multidimension, therefore starts its journey to focus on the enriching cultural exchange through cuisine.

Since almost a decade, Multidimension is engaged in a continuous and dynamic process of bridging the Bengalis from Indian and Bangladeshi diaspora living in France. With the ‘Food & Culture’ project, we share our diaspora experiences with mainstream French society.

Both our societies have crafted their course of history through rich culture, and cuisine has always been a significant part of it. Hence, ‘Food & Culture’ is here to put focus on gourmet experience principally between Indian subcontinent and France and gradually to other parts of Asia and Europe.

Multidimension therefore collaborated with ‘Rooftop Rannaghar’, a YouTube channel based in Kolkata, India between 2018 and 2021 to expand the scope of sustainable business model of the project. The goal of Rooftop Rannaghar is to share food experiences, be it in the form of recipe videos, restaurant reviews, food films or food tourism