In this age of information explosion, the biggest challenge is to stay updated; and information comes to be the only significant and suitable arena to our preference palette. Here in Multidimension Magazine we provide you with a fusion of true facts, burning issues and individual perspectives. Information gets reflected here in multiple dimensions. We don’t run for breaking news, we focus on framing and nurturing them, choosing them from different corners of the world, choosing from different individuals, from different communities, cultures and convictions. We strongly consider information as the real strength for mankind. Be with us, we need your support.


Multidimension Production

The world now looks for stories all the time, and of course nobody can deny the fact that visuals always speak louder than words! We offer you visual stories from both the real and virtual world surrounding you, a wide spectrum of subjects, be it in the form of documentary, fiction, conceptual videos, event videography, promotional publicity campaigns or commercial advertisements for different platforms. It is all about capturing moments and catering it to the onlookers with flair of craftsmanship. Multidimension’s goal is to clasp the exquisite images across the globe in frames and blend it with the hidden tales.


Our streams of commerce range from providing wholesome support to your creative requirements, to organizing multifaceted events of various layers. We are here to endow your senses with exquisite cultural experiences accumulated from different corners of the globe. Multidimension delivers skillful and exclusive products and services in different domains, be it inventive artifacts, contemporary designs, cross-cultural music, theatre, fashion or enriching culinary and touristic experiences.


Over the years, Multidimension has been working on various scopes and fields, mostly in leadership and promotional roles. We are here to manage complicated workflows efficiently and our area of services includes news, media services for various platforms, creative and contemporary designs, website design and development, event management, audiovisual production, equipments renting and computer services. All these domains of knowledge and expertise support Multidimension well to conduct, launch or promote things creatively and technically while still minding bottom-line business.
Our studio provides various services in the field from making customized video, creating music, voice and sound recording, dubbing to post-production, as well as rents audiovisual equipments.
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Our design service delivers quality crafts, contemporary designs, graphics, illustrations, to meet both the creative and commercial need and demand of the consumers, adding aesthetic value to products.
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Our expert team can assist you to make dynamic website providing a platform where your customers can perform an action with ease, along with SEO services which will help your company to rank on Google searches.
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Get custom computers on demand according to your budget optimized for your type of usage with an operating system like Windows 10 or Linux. We make the perfect computer as per your need.
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